In 2012 JUTTA LANGE began to elaborate natural organic cosmetics

in the natural environment of the Empordà.


In 2013 she created her own brand: JL COSMÉTICA NATURAL®and

started to certify her products.


In 2016, after a long way to go, her dream has become true:

JL COSMÉTICA NATURAL® are high-quality BIOcosmetics at affordable prices.

They can be purchased online and in various sales points in Spain.


Quality rather than quantity. All our products are fresh & handmade 

with the utmost care and a lot of love.


In JL COSMÉTICA NATURAL we pay maximum attention to the selection

and use of the active ingredients that nature gives us. Our goal is to

develop products with pure raw material that has retained all of its natural

nutrients and is free of substances hazardous to health.