Winter is here again! At this time of the year, your skin needs more pampering, 
special attention so that it is well protected against cold, wind, heating air and
many other external irritations. For all this, it needs richer formulas than during
the rest of the year.
Why is it so?
For various reasons, the air from the heater removes moisture from our skin, 
leaving it sensitive and rough. Wind and cold cause the blood vessels under
the skin to also constrict to keep heat inside the body. Result: the skin receives
too little oxygen and nutrients, the metabolism takes a backseat. The skin reacts
with greater sensitivity, pollutants and irritants penetrate more easily. Did you
know that at temperatures below 8 degrees C, the sebaceous glands go on a
general strike? Therefore, the main component of the natural protective layer of
our skin is lost and as a consequence, the barrier function of the skin is totally
What your skin needs now is, in addition to the usual good hydration, more 
pampering: an extra portion of nutrition.
That´s why, we have created our SPECIAL WINTER PACK.
Happy Winter and Take care!




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